7 reasons why you should go to Vietnam

1. Egg Coffee

Famous Egg Coffee – Cafe Giang – Hanoi

Egg coffee was one of the most interesting experiences we had in Vietnam. First thought definitely was not mmmm that must be delicious 😉 Each of us had a different expectations out of it. Although we were quite sure that we will see raw egg floating in the coffee.

We chose famous in Hanoi – Cafe Giang. It was quite a challenge to find it between various number of other cafes. If you will be searching for Cafe Giang, then when you will be under number 39, then you have to go between the buildings as cafe does not have a classic entrance with tables on the street.


Cafe Giang is quite popular among Vietnamese people as well as tourists. Even though the line was quite long, and we had some problems to find free table, still it worth the wait.

Egg coffee is served warm and cold (frappe style) as well. Hot egg coffee is served in a cup on a saucer with hot water, that keeps its temperature. If we could compare the taste of it with anything that we tried before that would be definitely Polish Dessert – Kogel Mogel.

2. Cat Ba and Ha Long Bay

Sunset at Cat Ba

Cat Ba Island, is located in Ha Long Bay and its pure magic. What Cat Ba had that it amazed us? Well first of all, we had an ability to spend a night on little island Cat Ong Island. To get there you have to take a small boat with absolutely delightful old grandpa. For us it was exceptional experience as Ania had possibilty of leading a boat just at the sunset. It was a true epic experience, only comparable to all-day Ha Long Bay cruise to the sounds of a guitar. We still hear melodic version of “Over the rainbow” when we were swimming between those small isles 🙂

3. Wonderful Ha Giang

Rise Field in Ha Giang

Ha Giang, is not a touristic place, as Sapa is, that is why it should be visited to enjoy amazing view of rise fields. And yes, this photo above have not been photoshoped, its how green those fields are in real life.

If you will decide to visit Ha Giang, definitely rent motorcycles and go through Ha Giang Loop. It is a famous 3 days route that leads between mountains and provides with amazing scenery. You can whether rent a motorcycle or hire easy driver who will take you through Ha Giang Loop. Unfortunately we haven’t enough time so we were not able to experience that, but for sure we will come back to Vietnam just for taking this route.

4. Sleeping Buses

Somewhere between Hanoi – Ha Giang

First time, we found out about excistence of sleeping buses when were getting on the bus and the driver told us to take off his shoes. And after the mattress-lined floor he led us to the couch. For each passenger there was a couch, in a set with a blanket.

Sleeping buses are one the most common transport choices between Vietnamese cities. As traveling through such a wide country can take some time this kind of travel makes it much more convenient.

Although we have to say that busses rarely have wifi. Usually you can find the password just behind the dirver.

5. Hoi An – city of lanterns

Hoi An by night

Hoi An, it’s absolutely worth going to. It is a beautiful city of lanterns, thanks to which the city at night takes on an extraordinary atmosphere. Warm lantern lights cause dreamy looks given by walking tourists. At every second stand, you can buy handmade lanterns in any colors and shapes.

Hoi An, is famous not only due to beautiful lanterns, but also from high quality leather goods. The prices for wallets, backpacks are much lower than western prices.

We could spend a fortune on bags, shoes, dresses and and wallets. For one quater of a price, you can buy hand made shoes made for measure, as well as blouses and suits. So, yeah it is definetly worth it, to leave some extra space in your backpack 😉

6. Super nice people

As Vietnam is not yet a commercial place, so there are not so many tourists in comparison to other Asian countries. Mostly backpackers like us. Just as Hanoi delighted us, with its fantastic coffee with an egg and bustling streets, nevertheless we experienced a wonderful openness in smaller towns that we will cherish the most.

7. Its cheap 😉

Prices in Vietnam are very affordable. Eating, sleeping and moving around the country did not ruin our pockets.

In a separate post, “How much does it cost to go to Vietnam”, we will present both exemplary prices and how much we cost a 3-week trip around Vietnam.

Pack backpacks and be sure to look into Vietnam!

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