0 waste travel

Me and my sisters we are high on wanderlust. Like most of backpackers we try to take minimum with us so we don’t have to pay extra for luggage or carrying too heavy backpacks.
When I am packing before any major trip I am always scared I forgot something and that it will strike me on the airport & of-course on the last night I am trying to squeeze with maximum force all of the mini things I think in that very moment I will defiantly need….. The constant advice I am getting is don’t worry if you will forget about something you can buy it there… but to be honest I would rather avoid it. I feel like I already have plenty of stuff.
New trick that I have learned is from one of the bloggers, his advice is to imagine the worst scenario in which I would need that think and if it is not too bad just don’t take it. Well it works for me.

What I am always making sure I have with me is my reusable water bottle essential whenever I go we all know how plastic is harmful to our society. In Asia it is more common to refill your bottle in hotel, hostels or coffee shops and of course airport so why not to save our planet and our wallet ? 🙂 second must have is my travel set of chopsticks, wooden spoon and knife and of-course bamboo straw. That’s like the must have when you traveling and love the mango or any kind smoothie, you get a straw everywhere you go in bar or restaurant in Asia so I am always making sure I have one with me so if we have communication problems I can show them I have my own 🙂
New addition to my travel is thermic mug that is perfect for soups but as a vegetarian I am carrying it in case I want to drink hot green tea that I carry with me or have a break from rice diet and eat some cuscus also good for oatmeal.

Do you have any tips how to travel with minimal impact on environment?

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