About us

We are 3 sisters who have been traveling forever. First with his parents, the Transyberian railway from Mongolia to Moscow, later in the stories of our body, cousins, National Geographic, and finally the same. We Plan everything on its own, because such a freedom is not able to provide anything;-)

Mer, guide

Overwhelmed the outline of the trip, how to get where to sleep no and how much money we need. Always with your Moleskin at hand. When not traveling, programming, dancing, a bit of martial arts and always looking for new challenges. Writing a blog meets the writing dreams.

Anja, Bellwether

A True artistic soul that will rent every interesting store in the area. Her sense of humor has often discharged a stressful situation. For Yoga She went to the peaks of the Himalayas, and for the best waves to Australia.

Aleks, the youngest

That Is, the one that missed the Transsiberian railway and the apartment in Mongolia, which We are still resting. At the time of Our journey, it is she who says it's time for a warm meal and another posing photo. During the day The programmer, at night the data scientist.

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